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An Ode to My Early 20's

Let's be completely honest, our 20's are when we are supposed to have life figured out, to have a great job, to support ourselves. When I had the first taste of corporate work life, it just didn't satisfy me and my wants in life.

I felt that my growth and my spirituality about life were compressed, leading to no enjoyment of life. I quit life activities that filled me with joy, but I finally woke up with the support from my parents that my job wasn't the right fit for me. I knew in my gut that I wasn't made for the 9-5 work life. So here I am, investing and trying something completely out of the box.

I've always had the passion for travel, from traveling to Disneyland at a young age, to Maui and even Paris for my sisters 16th birthday. I enjoy the planning process, the journey to get to the destination and finally learning and enjoying what that part of the world has to offer to a woman like me. Traveling has always been in my blood and I've come to the conclusion that maybe I was meant to showcase and write about all the amazing places I can visit.

Why not combine my passion for travel and writing marketing all into one place? I hope you take the time to follow my journey as I explore what kinds of wonderful places I can visit this coming year. Hang on tight!

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